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What a Dudz Event is Like

Secure Your Occasion!

After securing your event, regardless of its scale, our dedicated team is at your service across Canada to cater to all your promotional and signage requirements. Need assistance with creating a distinctive logo? Let our skilled professionals guide you in crafting a memorable design.

Advance Your Sales Online!

Give your members the VIP treatment by allowing them to bypass long lines. By ordering online, your members can enjoy a wider selection of products and exclusive team discounts. We offer the convenience of direct mail delivery or the option to pick up their orders at the start on the event."

Grab and Go with Ease!

When orders are prepared, we promptly notify our customers on their mobile devices, providing details about their order and instructions for pickup. You can retrieve your order from one of our mobile production trailers on-site or at our booth within your facility.

Order in a Swipe!

Bid farewell to misspelled orders, lost paperwork, and chaos. At Dudz, we embrace digital efficiency. Our user-friendly kiosks empower our staff to maintain meticulous organization while enabling your members to customize their apparel to reflect their unique style. The result? Garments they'll proudly wear, effectively promoting your event for years to come.

Ready, Set, Pickup!

Orders can swiftly transition from 'ordered' to 'ready for pickup' in mere minutes. Our customers receive instant notifications as soon as their orders are prepared for pickup.

Pickup your order

Raising Hope, One Fund at a Time!

Rather than making educated guesses about your fundraising objectives, Dudz provides you with real-time visibility into all transactions and the royalties they generate. See the evidence here:

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